Newsletter: Building the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice Community


This message marks our first National Partnership for Pretrial Justice (NPPJ) member email. As an NPPJ member, you represent a diverse set of stakeholders working to reform our pretrial system in broad and transformative ways, tackling projects in prosecution, public defense, case processing, rural jail reform, and much more. Working across more than 35 states and 400 counties, you all share the goal of advancing pretrial justice by reducing unnecessary and unjust detention.

We want to amplify the groundbreaking work NPPJ members are doing and help provide the resources and support you need. To do that, we developed a survey to understand what your goals, priorities, and interests are in engaging with each other.

Please fill out this brief survey by Friday, August 2 to provide your input.

We encourage you to provide any ideas you might have about how you’d like to engage with other NPPJ members and have included an opportunity for you to provide general feedback and specific requests in the survey.

Since launching the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice in March, we’ve created a website and Twitter to serve as the central hub for NPPJ—capturing opportunities and challenges in the pretrial justice space by calling attention to new research and groundbreaking moments or wins. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter and check out the website.

Thank you in advance! We look forward to the great work ahead.