It's time to reform our nation's pretrial system

The National Partnership for Pretrial Justice is a community of research, technical assistance, policy, and advocacy organizations working to advance pretrial justice nationally and in more than 35 states across the country.

Number of individuals admitted to jail in the U.S. every year
Number of people held in jail before their trials every day - often because they can't afford bail
Spent every year to jail those who haven’t been convicted of any crime

These statistics are representative of a pretrial system with little regard for constitutional protections, transparency and accountability, and public safety. To solve this urgent public policy problem, we need bold and innovative ideas for reform.

That is why Arnold Ventures created the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice: a community of practice that supports rigorous criminal justice research, advances policy, and harnesses diverse expertise in pursuit of reducing unjust pretrial detention.

National Partnership initiatives focus on judicial decisions, prosecution, public defense, court administration, and more.

Our mission is simple, and resonates with yours: to reduce unnecessary and unjust pretrial detention.

Watch: National Partnership Launches to #ReformPretrial

Arnold Ventures' Jeremy Travis and James Cadogan announce the launch of the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice.

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