About the National Partnership

Arnold Ventures has supported investments in efforts to reform and advance our nation’s pretrial justice system since 2011. Over that time, we identified a clear need to forge stronger connections among our pretrial justices grantees and foster collaboration across disciplines.

To build those relationships and accelerate reform, Arnold Ventures is convening the National Partnership for Pretrial Justice.

The National Partnership is a grant-funded community of practitioners whose work combines research, innovative policy development, and advocacy to reform our nation’s pretrial justice system. The collective power of the partners ensures that we are bridging disparities within the pretrial system, identifying opportunities for collaboration and elevating efforts to reform the system. National Partnership partners share a commitment to protecting individuals’ constitutional rights, improving community safety, and reducing the cost burden on taxpayers who foot the bill for unjust pretrial detention.

Arnold Ventures is supporting the National Partnership with an initial commitment of $48 million—making this effort one of the foundation’s most significant investments to date in reforming the criminal justice system.

The research-related initiatives of the National Partnership are guided by Arnold Ventures’ Pretrial Research Advisory Board, a diverse group of experts including policy makers, practitioners, and researchers from varied disciplines. The Board serves as an independent body that advises Arnold Ventures on the development and refinement of our pretrial research agenda. Board members objectively review research proposals for rigor, transparency, and policy impact. In the future, the Advisory Board will review research results and assist Arnold Ventures with planning for future pretrial justice research and policy opportunities.

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